How to speed up your progress in Monster Legends

Well if you are looking for the best mobile games based on the battles, then Monster Legends is idle game for you.  It is a monster battle game and launched by the Social Points studio for all over the world.  It is a free game, and you have the option to use the real world money to buy the specific items. Here you can meet the ultimate characters. Try to win more and more battles by using the best player.

In the game, you can choose the best mode to single battles and team battles.  Select the best monsters for your team to make the empire stronger.

Guides and tutorials   

It is the need of every player to learn the rules and controls for the play game quickly. The only way to get the right information is the tutorial videos. You can watch these videos any time in the game freely. it helps you to improve the standard of playing.

Moreover, you can also know about the powers of different monsters by using the guide and by getting Monster Legends Hack. You can use the right player against the right opponent with it.


  • The game gives you an option to combine the elements to make a unique power to use them when you need most.
  • Use all type of monsters to build a powerful team.
  • Make a strong leader and work on their skills and energy.
  • Don’t lose hope and fight till you don’t die.
  • It is better for you to participate in arena combat because you can earn the more gems and coins here easily.
  • Don’t use the real money in the game and try to complete all the levels by yourself.

These all tips can help you to play the game like a professional.