How to earn large amount of rubies and stars for Bricks n Balls Game?


Bricks n Balls is published by Cheetah Mobile whose size varies at different devices. To remain long in the game, you need lot of game currencies which is used from time to time. To complete the level you should require numerous rubies and star and if you were unable to get it you can use Bricks n Balls Cheats which will help you to get lot of currencies for your play way. To gain lot of resources and power ups it is advised you that move to the previous level where you had earned less and try to gain more from that.

  • Complete the challenges

As fast as you will able to complete the levels and challenges of the game, you will placed on the ranking wise position. Also while completing the level, keep in mind that as soon as you were able to complete the challenge you were definitely rewarded on behalf of that. So try to complete the full level in requisite time to achieve the ultimate success for your game.

  • Play the mode which you like

No matter which type of mode you are playing and the thing which help you lot to move further at your next level or stage easily is with the help of power ups. Power ups are the best source which help you in one form or in other. When you were new in game you were get in some quantity so use them wisely. But if you use it in any of your level, you were successful to receive 100 rubies.

  • Last words

So it is best to use them at the place where you are definitely get some high or large amount of resources. You can also use them at the place where you get difficult to move further in the game and you game get paused either due to some problem or because of rubies.